YOGANOMADA, Yoga & Meditation Hideout that takes place in spectacular RIVIERA NAYARIT, Mexico. The purpose of the retreat is to deepen the yoga practice, meditation and breathing techniques.

Yoga & Meditation Hideout (comming up next destination)


YOGANÓMADA, a Yoga & Meditation Hideout that takes place in spectacular destinations in Mexico. This year Punta Mita started hosting the event at Sufi Ocean Club, a place that will blew our senses.

The purpose of YOGANÓMADA is to deepen the yoga practice, meditation and breathing techniques. Master yogis from around the world host practical sessions through workshops, master classes and meditation sessions that providided two days of full activities for all levels.


YOGANÓMADA es un escondite de Yoga y Meditación que se lleva a cabo en destinos espectaculares de México.

El primero de este 2019 se realizó en Punta Mita en el club de playa Sufi Ocean Club, un lugar que te hizo explotar nuestros sentidos.
El propósito de YOGANÓMADA es profundizar la práctica del yoga, meditación y técnicas de respiración junto con reconocidos maestros internacionales. Se impartieron sesiones a través de talleres, clases magistrales que brindaron dos días de actividades completas para todos los niveles.



Day christensen, DAY1YOGA

Day Christensen is a Level II Authorized Teacher from the K. Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India. Day began her yoga practice in 2004 after receiving her BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. During her college years as a fine arts major, a lifelong interest in yogic philosophy began to surface. She incorporated the study of yoga with her academic pursuits. Through the reading of sacred and historical texts proved to be interesting, it was lacking one major aspect: experience. With many signs pointing her in the direction of yoga, she took up the practice and began to gain the experience she was missing from study alone.

Asana required a different type of strength and mobility that she had not bargained for as a former athlete. Despite the frustration and challenges she often met on the beginning path of yoga, she continued and found a renewed sense of vitality and clarity.

Today Day is an enthusiastic student of Ashtanga Yoga, practicing in lineage of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, having completed the Intermediate series and learning the Third series under R. Sharath Jois’s guidance.

Day’s teachings are born from her own disciplined and dedicated practice. She encourages students to challenge themselves physically, while, at the same time, be easy mentally. She is thrilled to share what she has learned with students in Miami and around the world.



Yoga found Michael after 10 years of chaotic deal making in the American advertising and music business.  Through his yoga practice he was awakened to incredible balancing benefits that would gradually change his life path. Gannon spent 10 years studying with the late Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, learning the 1st, 2nd and 3rd series of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system. He was authorized directly by Jois in 2001 to teach, and Gannon then spent the next 13 years travelling and teaching Ashtanga in over 40 countries on 5 continents.

His personal practice and that which comes from sharing with so many other people worldwide lead to the organic evolution of his own experience of Power Vinyasa Yoga.

Weather in Ashtanga Vinyasa or Power Vinyasa, Michael’s unique teaching style makes Yoga’s transformational powers — physical, mental and spiritual — available to all. He has imparted both of these styles by training over 450 teachers worldwide in his Teacher Trainings since 2002.


steve pyka, ASTA YOGA

Steve is the co-founder of AstaYoga in San Francisco where he and his partner, René, have been growing the largest Rocket Yoga community in the US since 2009, where they both learned the system from Rocket Yoga creator, Larry Schultz. Steve’s teaching style is like the perfectly balanced asana, equal parts sukha and sthira- gentle and firm. Fundamentally, yoga isn’t about the teacher or the poses, but the depth of trust in one’s innate wisdom that unfolds one conscious breath at a time. Compassionately caring for ourselves, healing the connection between mind and body and transforming the relationships in our lives to bring forth more love are the gifts of a dedicated practice, and every class is designed to inspire you to come back again tomorrow and every day to experience the wonder of just being.